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Get Your Shine ON!

Before you manifest anything

Get the jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, illuminating facts about...


The Law of Attraction

Without the B.S.

Obsessed about what the gurus and experts don't reveal about manifesting?

I was too when I first learned about it!

Fast forward through trial, error and well over a decade of experience later. Today I'm here to tell you what manifesting, isn't.

  • It isn't one technique you just have to have.

  • It isn't a ritual of techniques you do over and over.

  • It Is. Not. Magic.

But it's totally okay, no matter what you want or what inaccurate things others told you. Natural, universal laws are on your side; they always were.

Even though I sometimes felt like I was never gonna figure it out, I learned, I'm not the exception to the rule of the Law of Attraction working for me. You're not an exception either, and I'm here to help!

How You Can Get Big Results With Instant Access To Our Exclusive Freebie File

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A New, Real, Free Solution

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LOA Enthusiasts

Finally, you don't have to break the bank to get the info you need to help you transform your life!

    Stop scouring the internet hoping to find "the one" solution to manifesting. Instead find a friendly community full of learning and support. We're waiting for you!

    Achieve the type of energy and resilience that goes hand-in-hand with learning how to manifest. 

    Create manifesting results...maybe the first ones you've ever had! Start ticking off all the little things on your list without the confusion and frustration.

    Get building some serious skills so you can build your life the way you want it to be.


Learn | Grow | Community

Here's The Short And Sweet On What Powered UP Is

I can almost hear you now. Another membership? How much is it? What do I get with it? Well, that's why Powered UP is special. Here's what it is;

💡It's a safe, secure space that encourages the growth of your manifesting knowledge and skills. No confusion required! You always know where to go next because I'm there guiding you all the way. 

💡 It's an organized and curated collection of knowledge directly related to manifesting all those inspiring desires you have. You'll find mini-courses, podcast episodes, challenges, pop-up training and more inside of Powered UP. 

💡It's a library of manifesting techniques for you to try exactly when you need 'em.

💡It's a community experience if you like that sort of thing. And who doesn't need some interaction or help from a like-minded manifestor sometimes?

💡Nope, there's no money exchange for Powered UP. But when the time comes that you want to make an investment in yourself, you'll be able to access special pricing only for Powered UP members!

And Here's The Short And Sweet On What You Get

Makin' Time To Shine

...has never been easier with our jam-packed events schedule. Be Powerfully Present with the downloadable Get Your Shine ON! Calendar

Each month, Powered UP Members will get exclusive insider access to all the upcoming release dates and get-togethers for the entire month. That way, you'll never miss a live event. Be sure to be there for fabulous attendee only give-aways!

Learn Simple, Everyday Approaches To Advance Your Attraction Factor

Each mini training is a sure-fire secret weapon to bust stress and create effortless vibes for better Law Of Attraction appeal.

Digital Delivery For Anytime Ease

Before And After Awesome Energy Amplifying Coaching Session

Digital Delivery For Anytime Ease

The Fresh Start Inception Challenge For Goal Achievement

Digital Delivery For Anytime Ease

How To Cultivate Awesome Inner Strength To Get You Through The Day

Take A Break-Through And Set Your Inner Genie Free

Don't Be Late For Our Weekly Coffee Break!

Make sure you check out our Get Your Shine ON! Calendar for the date and time of our next group coffee break. Write down the dates you don't want to miss or put a reminder in your phone. You're invited to be part of the fun when we get together 30 minutes once per week and chat about things that are on your mind.

Get An Earful

...Of inspiring audio exercises guaranteed to have you fearlessly "vibing" at the top of the scale.

There's a new  one every month! You'll be declaring and sharing a new vision for the universe to act on.

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